Custom 20qt Cooler Pads

Custom 20qt Cooler Pads

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As if the GATR alone didn't turn enough heads, customize yours with these pads and stand out from the rest! Whether it is for yourself, your potnah, a corporate gift, safety award, company advertising, or anything in between, you can't go wrong with these! READ BELOW FOR DETAILS:

The Process:
1) Choose your cooler size lid pad and/or front insert (and a cooler if you don't have one yet!).
2) Make all of your selections, adding details in the provided space. Add the items to your cart and check out. Extremely detailed logos may not be possible to do, and front insert pads are best used for small logos, names, phone numbers etc. Contact us prior to purchasing if you're concerned that your idea may not work. 
3) The colors we typically stock are slate gray on black and toffee on black, as they work the best with laser engraving + match most coolers well. Custom color material can be ordered for higher quantities - perfect for group or corporate gifts!
4) Once confirmed, please allow up to 3-4 weeks for delivery. A digital rendering can be sent for your approval if requested. 

The Benefit:
Why buy these custom pads over other options that are available?
Unlike other options for customization that are currently being offered by other companies, these pads are engineered to be outside. Often used to line boat interiors, these 6mm thick 3M sticky back pads wont fade, chip, peel, or compromise the integrity of your GATR cooler. They also serve as a non-skid, softer surface to stand or sit on, as well as aid in absorbing heat before it reaches your cooler. Plus, it instantly adds 113 cool points and is resumè worthy! 

How To Apply:
If you purchase a cooler at the time of purchasing a pad, we can install it for you completely free of charge. If you're purchasing a pad after already getting a cooler from us, simply follow the steps below: (Using a contact cement is suggested for a more permanent application - follow manufacturers suggested installation steps. This is NOT required for your pad to be installed.)
1) We like to start by wiping the surface of the cooler with a lint free rag and rubbing alcohol.
2) Dry fit the pad prior to removing the backing, keeping in mind approximately where the pad needs to be placed to be centered on the cooler. 
3) Heat the surface of the cooler and the sticky side of the pad with a hair dryer or something similar, just enough to get the glue tacky. It is not recommended to install pads when the surface temperatures are below 60*F.
4) Remove backing, and place the pad in position on the cooler. We like to start on one end (lining up where we dry fit the pad on step 2), then press it down completely. 

Contact us at with any questions! 

Orders placed before 12pm on in-stock items typically ship the same business day. All orders placed on in-stock items using "Free In Store Pick Up" will be available any time during business hours. Custom orders are shipped as soon as they are completed.

Custom Cooler Pads:

*When ordering custom cooler pads, please make sure to accurately fill out all fields. If you have any special requests, place them in the comments section. Choosing "GATR Shop Choice" as a color option will allow our experts to select an in stock color that matches your selected cooler color. When possible, we will select colors that coordinate with company logos.

*Photos to be engraved should be horizontally oriented, as vertical photos will have to be too stretched to fill the pad. Vertical photos will be engraved centered on the pad, with blank space on either side.

*Proofs are only really necessary when requesting us to add / remove information from your file. Logos uploaded will be engraved exactly as uploaded.

*Please allow 3-4 weeks for completion of custom cooler pads. If time is short, please contact us prior to placing your order to see if we can fit your order in earlier.

*We use various methods of cutting and/or engraving when doing each order. Our experts choose which method to use to best complete each order. If you are wanting a certain finished look (laser engraved, CNC cut, combo), please contact us prior to placing your order - or select "request a proof" with details added when ordering.

Custom Laser Engraved Drinkware:

*When ordering laser engraved drinkware, please allow 3-4 weeks for completion. If time is short, please contact us prior to ordering.

*Logos will be completed exactly as submittted, and sometimes extremely detailed images will lose some detail on small engraved areas.

*Powdercoated cups will be defaulted to stainless cups for photo wrapped drinkware.

*Photos for photo wrapped stainless cups should be horizontally oriented. Vertical photos will be duplicated to fill the voided space.

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