#LaneStrong Hats

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Meet Lane Smith, here is a quick overview of his story:

6 year old son of a family friend, his life has been turned upside down in just a few short months. After crying of a stomach ache for a couple of days, his dad spotted a knot on his belly. What his parents initially thought to be a hernia ended up being diagnosed as stage 3 neuroblastoma - a type of stomach cancer that has been growing since birth. It grew to the size of a volleyball, pressed against many organs, draped over the spine (over on the left side of the spine some; mainly on the right side) & is around the aorta. A few rounds of chemo in, his hair began to fall out. Lane passed a comment to his momma about not wanting to take his hat off so people wouldn't see his hair... that is what inspired these hats! 

**UPDATE** - Lane's surgery to remove his tumor was completed on 7/12/19, and it was a success! To follow his story and keep up to date on things, follow the Facebook page dedicated to him here. 

Profit from every hat sold will be donated to the Smith family in an effort to help with expenses associated with everything they've encountered over the last few months. Purchasing a hat will also enter you to win this green and black GATR 45. Lane's favorite color is neon green, so both the structured and unstructured hats are side embroidered with #LaneStrong to show our support for this strong young man! Please allow up to 2 weeks for these hats to be delivered, as some will be made to order.