Q: How long do your coolers last?

A: We believe putting an "X" day label on any cooler's ice retention is extremely misleading. To maximize your GATR's ice retention, follow these tips.

Q: Are your coolers made in the USA?

A: Short answer, no. Long answer - being an American loving small business is so much more than just manufacturing our products here. While we produce as many items stateside as possible, some items just aren't realistic at this time. Keep in mind, although our plastic is melted overseas, our American small business helps to support thousands of American families. We are dreaming of a day when manufacturing these types of products isn't unreasonably expensive 

Q: Do you sell replacement parts?

A: Yes we do! Check out the "Accessories and Replacement Parts" page.

Q: My cooler leaks, have you had this issue before?

A: Sounds like you lost your rubber gasket. Take off the small drain cap and check it for a piece of rubber. If there isn't one there, that's your issue! Simply replace with a standard garden hose o-ring, and you'll be good to go. 

Q: Where are you located?

A: GATR is based out of the south Louisiana town of Thibodaux, about 45 minutes southwest of New Orleans. 

Q: What do you guys make in the USA?

A: All of our hats, shirts, hoodies, decals, and customizing (laser engraving and Seadek cooler pads) are done here. We proudly support as many other small businesses as we possibly can.